Dr. Daviss Interviewed by MSNBC about Deaths in "Celebrity Rehab"

Don't blame Dr. Drew, supporters say

Even in the wake of Jeff Conaway’s death, experts and 'Celebrity Rehab' alums say the controversial show has merit 

Charges of exploitation
The fact that the travails of addicts are filmed has led to claims that “Celebrity Rehab” is less about helping participants get better and more about providing viewers with lurid subject matter at which they can gawk. Not true, said Dr. Steve Daviss, a clinical assistant professor at the University of Maryland and medical blogger at Better Health.

“The fact that it happens in front of TV cameras is, I would say, irrelevant,” said Daviss, who analyses the field of counseling in his new book “Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work.” “I think Dr. Drew does a very good job of doing what we would do in a rehab setting. He explained things well. The issues that you saw with the celebrities, or patients, were actually very similar to what I’ve seen in addiction settings.”   See full story.